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Floral Design

We perform floral arrangements for all types of events of larger or smaller scale, private or corporate. For homes or businesses, also we have a subscription service. Contact us and get your customized pricing proposal.

Event Design

We see the flowers as an essential element of any beautiful event. But for a perfect event we know that all design and style components have to be carefully worked out. If you think you might need some help, we can work with you. From the event decoration to the smallest detail.
Some of our working elements may include: color schemes, mood boards, space layout, lighting and table decoration, including tablecloths, tableware or stationary.

You may even have an idea of what you want, but if you might need some help with key elements of your event such as the dessert table or a lounge areas. Let's talk and we'll run a customized proposal based on your needs.

Home Decor & Styling

Vases or floral arrangements, festive garlands and wreaths, Christmas trees and decorations, stair adornments, candles or gift decorations. Ask for our subscription service to always have beautiful flowers in your home. Get in touch and test our creativity.




The prices for floral design may vary greatly. They depend on the variety, scale, and complexity of each job. Contact us to receive a personalized quote.

Are we event planners?

No. We work on the styling of your event in order to guarantee its the cohesion and homogeneity. We love working with event coordinators and event planners (or directly with our clients) to create a unique aesthetic. If you are looking for an event coordination/planning service, we will be happy to make you a recommendation.


Do we work out of Lisbon area?​

Certainly yes!

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